35+ Adult League

+35 Adult Soccer with SMSA

Rules of Play:

  1. Recreational games conduct expected
  2. Game start at 7:00 on Friday
  3. We are playing in Division 3 size field
  4. We have 7-10 players on and 1 keeper
  5. Games have a referee 6. There are up to two 40 minutes halves with a 10 minute break
  6. No substitutions in the last 2 minutes
  7. No Swearing and No aggressive play
  8. If swearing or aggressive play occurs you will be asked to leave the game and the executive reserves the right to have you miss a game or not come back based on the severity of the incident.
  9. Wear shin guards, soccer cleats recommended and bring your own drinking water.
  10. The season is scheduled until August 21, 2020
  11. Encourage a friend to come.


 Enjoy your game!

Liz Strong – Convener of +35 Adult Soccer and Secretary of SMSA.